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A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by Virtru that has or potentially will have access to or process personal data (as defined in our privacy policy). Sub-processors are engaged by Virtru provide services and perform various functions as noted in the table below.

Sub-processorDescriptionHosting Location(s)
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Product infrastructure hostingU.S.
Amplitude, Inc.AnalyticsU.S.
Datadog, Inc.System metrics and loggingU.S.
Google LLCInternal business process & product infrastructure hostingU.S.
OktaIdentify Provider (IdP)U.S., Inc.Customer relationship and subscription managementU.S.
Sendgrid, Inc.Email deliveryU.S.
Slack Technologies, Inc.CollaborationU.S.
Stripe, Inc.Payment processingU.S.
Twilio Inc.SMS deliveryU.S.
Zendesk, Inc.Customer supportU.S.

Sub-processor Security

Virtru assesses the security posture of all sub-processors before use and periodically thereafter to validate that the sub-processor implements a security program in accordance with Virtru's security policy for the categories of data processed by the sub-processor. Further, Virtru establishes contractual safeguards with its sub-processors through data processing agreements.