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Who We Are


Virtru was founded on the core belief that privacy-preserving data protection is both a fundamental right and a force multiplier for organizations. Our products make it easy to share sensitive data, while you meet compliance, so you can collaborate with confidence and achieve your organizational mission.

Information Security Team

We're a closely-integrated group of dedicated security and compliance professionals tasked with watching over the security of Virtru’s infrastructure and work environments. We also maintain Virtru’s compliance with a number of security frameworks and standards, and work with customers having particular compliance or security needs. We work to keep abreast of emerging security trends, threats, and security frameworks we may interact with in the future.

As security professionals, it is especially rewarding for us to work in a security-centered organization like Virtru. Virtru’s Mission Statement resonates strongly with us:

Our Mission:

To unlock the power of data by creating a world

where it is always under your control.


We are proud to pursue this goal, and glad to be working along side so many like-minded individuals.

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