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Personnel Security

Our security posture starts with our people. We have a strong security culture across the entire Virtru organization, in fact that is why many among us joined the company. We incorporate security throughout the employee lifecycle to support this culture.

Background Checks

We want to hire people we can trust to build on our security culture and so that you can trust us. Background checks are performed on all new hires to support that, as permitted by local laws. Background checks include employment verification, education verification, criminal history checks, credit checks, and more as appropriate for the role.


The security team engages with all new personnel from day one. We hold a meeting (whether in person or virtually) to introduce the security team, talk about how we implement security, and set them up for success as they jump into their new role.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is required of all personnel upon hire. We are proud to have highly engaging training courses - our employees enjoy the training and have even asked for more. Refresher training is given to all personnel annually. The security team conducts regular social engineering exercises to keep personnel diligent in avoiding risky behavior and measure how successful our training program is. We also require additional training based on role. For example, developers are required to take training courses on secure development practices.