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Introducing the Virtru Trust Center

· 3 min read
Peter Nancarrow

👋 Hey there, welcome to the Virtru Trust Center!

I'm Peter Nancarrow, Manager of Information Security and Compliance and I am pleased to introduce you to the the Virtru Trust Center.

💡 Innovation Week​

Each year Virtru holds a company-wide Innovation Week. Innovation Week was born out of the idea of a traditional hackathon for developers to 'hack' together some software, function, or feature in a short time-boxed period, but expanded to include contributions from all members of the organization. This year we had pitches from members of sales, marketing, customer success as well as product and engineering. Awards will be given to winners of five categories:

  • Awarded by Guest Judges
    • Innovation Award - The most innovative solution overall
    • Customer-Centric Award - The solution that will have the greatest impact on our customer base
    • One Virtru Award - The solution that includes cross department Virtru employees to come up with a unique solution
  • People's Choice Awards
    • No-Code Award - The favorite solution that did not require code
    • People’s Choice Award - The best overall solution

⚾️ My Pitch​

A public facing website dedicated to security and privacy practices at Virtru has been in the back of my mind for a long time. As a data protection provider, I believe it is crucial that we are as transparent as possible to our customers.

Beyond that, I found two things (among others) difficult for a small team - VERY small for much of the last three and a half years when it was just myself - in my time building an information security and compliance program at Virtru.

  1. Assessing the security of service providers that we were already using and new services desired by various teams in the organization.
  2. Answering the many questions our customers and prospects had about our security posture.

We were always able to get comfortable with using service providers with strong publicly available security documentation than those without. Thus, to better serve our customers and ease addressing problem 2, the Virtru Trust Center was my pitch for Innovation Week 2021.

🥅 Goals​

The primary goal of this site is to reduce friction for our customers. We are completely committed to getting you the information you need to understand and evaluate Virtru's information security policies, processes, and practices.

Secondarily, we hope this will help to establish ourselves as a top-notch security organization. Here we can show off some of our work and share insights that we've learned along the way.

✨ Result​

You're looking at it! We have a lot to build upon from here, but I believe this is a strong foundation for meeting our primary goal. We had input from customer success, UX, engineering, marketing, and (of course) security - for this reason, we are gunning for that One Virtru award!